Our Children’s Multi-Height Sanitising Unit has been specifically designed to be a fun, friendly and durable unit – helping younger children engage proactively with hygiene practices. Whilst complying with regulations.


Our child friendly sanitising gels are also suitable for use by children, minimising the risk of ingestion.


Custom printed graphic available

Children’s Multi-Height Sanitising Unit

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  • For the Autumn term, schools must “introduce preventative measures to help students and staff clean hands thoroughly more often than usual and introduce enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often.”

    In order to help schools manage the risk of COVID-19, the Government requires schools to:


    • Ensure that pupils clean their hands regularly, including when they arrive at school, when they return from breaks, when they change rooms and before and after eating.
    • Regular and thorough hand cleaning is going to be needed for the foreseeable future, and schools need to consider and implement:
    • Sufficient hand washing or hand sanitiser ‘stations’ to that all pupils and staff can clean their hands regularly
    • Supervision of hand sanitiser use, given risks around ingestion


    • Introduce enhanced cleaning of frequently touched surfaces often including more frequent cleaning of rooms / shared areas and frequently touched surfaces



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